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kratos cleanup sql

kratos cleanup sql

Cleanup sql database from expired flows and sessions


Run this command as frequently as you need. It is recommended to run this command close to the SQL instance (e.g. same subnet) instead of over the public internet. This decreases risk of failure and decreases time required. You can read in the database URL using the -e flag, for example: export DSN=... kratos cleanup sql -e


Before running this command on an existing database, create a back up!

kratos cleanup sql <database-url> [flags]


  -c, --config strings                           Path to one or more .json, .yaml, .yml, .toml config files. Values are loaded in the order provided, meaning that the last config file overwrites values from the previous config file.
-b, --database.cleanup.batch_size int Set the number of records to be cleaned per run (default 100)
--database.cleanup.sleep.tables duration How long to wait between each table cleanup (default 1m0s)
-h, --help help for sql
--keep-last duration Don't remove records younger than
-e, --read-from-env If set, reads the database connection string from the environment variable DSN or config file key dsn. (default true)