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Set custom domain as redirect URL

Some Social Sign-in Providers such as Google or GitHub show the Redirect URL as part of the sign-in process. By default, Ory Network uses a redirect URL that points to the Ory Network domain:

GitHub showing the redirect URL


This setting applies to all social sign-in providers (new and existing) and cannot be changed on a per-provider basis. So, changing the base_redirect_uri will break previously existing and functional social sign-in connections, because Ory Identities will initiate the OIDC flow with the new redirect URL.

To use a custom domain as the redirect URL, go to the OpenID Connect (OIDC) page and click Show advanced settings and add the domain to the Base Redirect URI.

After changing the base redirect URI you need to update the redirect URL of social sign-in providers you want to use. This is done in the configuration of the social sign-in provider. To update an existing social sign in provider, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ory Console and navigate to the social sign-in configuration screen.
  2. Choose the provider you want to fix and click on the configuration button.
  3. Copy the Redirect URI from the form.
  4. Replace the Ory Network URL {project-slug} with your custom hostname, such as
  5. Update the Redirect URI - also called Authorization callback URL - in the social sign-in provider configuration.

Make sure the Redirect URI matches the hostname you configured in the Ory Network configuration. For example when your custom hostname is, the Redirect URI needs to be, not or