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kratos hashers argon2 load-test

kratos hashers argon2 load-test

Simulate the password hashing with a number of concurrent requests/minute.


Simulates a number of concurrent authentication requests per minute. Gives statistical data about the measured performance and resource consumption. Can be used to tune and test the hashing parameters for peak demand situations.

kratos hashers argon2 load-test <authentication-requests-per-minute> [flags]


  -c, --config strings                Path to one or more .json, .yaml, .yml, .toml config files. Values are loaded in the order provided, meaning that the last config file overwrites values from the previous config file.
--dedicated-memory byte_size Amount of memory dedicated for password hashing. Kratos will try to not consume more memory. (default 1.00GB)
--expected-deviation duration Expected deviation of the time a hashing operation (~login request) takes. (default 500ms)
--format string Set the output format. One of table, json, yaml, json-pretty, jsonpath and jsonpointer. (default "default")
-h, --help help for load-test
--iterations uint32 Number of iterations to start probing at. (default 1)
--key-length uint32 Length of the key in bytes. (default 32)
--memory byte_size Memory to use. (default 128.00MB)
--min-duration duration Minimal duration a hashing operation (~login request) takes. (default 500ms)
--parallelism uint8 Number of threads to use. (default 8)
-q, --quiet Be quiet with output printing.
--salt-length uint32 Length of the salt in bytes. (default 16)