Adopt and Evolve Zero Trust Architecture

Ory Zero Trust protects networks and systems by enforcing access policies across services. Without dependencies or databases.

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Authorize everything

Companies work hard to ensure their systems aren't vulnerable to external threats. However, threat actors can come from both outside or inside an organization.

Ory Zero Trust gives companies the tools they need to enforce granular, least privilege security for every request. The result? Modern security infrastructure with fewer incidents.

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Zero Trust that meets you where you are

For enterprise, startups, and everyone in between, Ory provides the tools to adopt and evolve zero trust architecture

> Adopt Work From Anywhere

Transition from location-centric security to security that works from anywhere

> Support Gradual Adoption

Ory Zero trust supports a gradual transition from traditional security principles to zero trust principles

> Simplify Security

Connect security services and products with ease when using vendor agnostic tools

> Protect against threat actors

Whether internal or external, Ory Zero Trust gives companies the tools they need to protect access to critical data and systems

Ory Zero Trust

Enforce company access policy across services

Individual styling on user interfaces

Stop threat actors without compromising user experience

Dependency free

Ory Zero Trust is interoperable with other vendors for maximum compatibility. Use it with the Ory Network or other popular API gateway vendors. No database or storage required.

Ory Zero trust works without third-party services, databases, or persistent storage requirements.

Compatible with API gateways like Kong, Nginx, Ambassador, Envoy, AWS API Gateway, and more.

Flexible decision engine

Users have the access they need to get their work done without peering into systems, data, and documents that are out of their scope.

Configure access with rule matching, authentication, authorization, and mutation

Elegantly handle errors for invalid credentials, unauthorized access, and absent access rules

Developer friendly

Ory prioritizes developer happiness and flexibility.

Ory's CLI and straightforward REST APIs gives developers access to the control decision engine, cryptographic keys lists, and rule information

SDKs in popular languages make it easy to get started interacting with Ory Zero Trust quickly and effectively

Protect servers and APIs from unauthorized access

Ory Zero Trust's reverse proxy acts as a gatekeeper between requests and protected servers and APIs. Allowed requests are let through, while non-authorized requests are kicked back.

Frictionless integration with Ory Identity & Authentication and Ory Federated

Ory Zero Trust works seamlessly with Ory Identity & Authentication and Ory Federated Identity Management.

Control access for users and automated clients like bots and services - right from the management console

Increase zero trust architecture maturity by pairing Ory's Zero Trust with tools like Ory Federated Identity Management

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Protect against internal and external threat actors - without worrying about interoperability.
With seamless integration into the Ory Network, adopting Zero Trust with Ory is the straightforward way to implement granular, request-level access control. Plus, it's free to get started.