Secure authentication without the friction

Ory Identification & Authentication gives engineering teams the tools they need for robust, secure, and flexible customer login experiences.

Individual styling on user interfaces

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Ory Identification and Authentication

Frictionless authentication to improve customer and developer experiences

Individual styling on user interfaces

Authentication-as-a-Service that's developer, customer, and budget-friendly

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen authentication flows with support for multi-factor authentication

Send Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP)

Support hardware keys via FIDO2 and WebAuthn

Generate backup codes for account recovery

Passwordless Authentication

Remove the most common entry point for hackers with passwordless authentication

Ready for Apple, Google & Microsoft Passkeys

Authenticate users via biometrics like TouchID, FaceID, Android Biometric Authentication, and Windows Hello Face

Support hardware keys via FIDO2 and WebAuthn

Accept Yubikeys and other authenticator devices and apps

Social Sign In

Simplify registration and login, increase conversion rates, and decrease fake email sign ups

Sign-in socially with over 15 popular OIDC providers like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, GitHub, and more

Become a social sign-in provider when paired with Ory Federated Identity Management

Easily add new providers in the Ory Cloud Console


Create consistent branded experiences for customers

Add custom SMTP servers for authentication emails

Use built-in email templates or create custom templates

Send authentication messages via SMS

Developer Friendly

Join a supportive community that prioritizes the developer experience

Active community support through GitHub, Slack, and dedicated plans

Integrate with existing authentication methods and flows

Reference well-documented, developer-friendly APIs and CLIs


Level-up The Login Box

Social Sign-in

Get new customers signed up in seconds, with less friction


Support Yubikeys, biometric devices, FaceID, and more

Go Passwordless

Add time-based, one-time passwords for extra security

Developer Experience

Built for developers, by developers, and backed by an incredibly supportive community

Bring Your Own UI/UX

Design forms and flows to match your brand and experience


Configure authentication for users directly from the command line


Includes robust, developer-friendly APIs

Easy integration

Skip all the DevOps work of setting up and managing servers

Still have questions?

If you cant find your question here, reach out to us on GitHub, our Slack Channel or via email.

How do I migrate from an existing system?

Ory Identity & Authentication supports the easy migration of existing legacy system users with hashed passwords

Can I migrate between Ory Cloud and self-hosted?

Yes, migration between Ory Cloud and self-hosted is possible.

How does Ory Identification and Authentication compare to self-hosted?

Ory Identification and Authentication provides robust and reliable hosted authentication infrastructure. But it’s not just DevOps. Ory Cloud also securely stores identity data, decreasing your risk profile while increasing peace of mind. In addition, only Ory Cloud includes the Ory Cloud Console where teams can manage identities, settings, configurations, social sign-ins, and more.

Does this work with new projects?

Ory Identification and Authentication saves engineering teams weeks or months of work, so their focus can remain on feature development. Plus, adding new login methods as you grow is easy with the Ory Cloud Console.

Can I bulk upload and download identities from Ory Cloud?

Yes, bulk uploading and downloading of identity data from Ory Cloud is possible.

Can I use Ory Cloud with my custom domain?

Yes, custom domains are available on the professional plan and above.

I have a specific question about our particular authentication setup. How can I get an answer to my question?

Our Slack community is available to answer general and specific technical questions. We’re also available to discuss how Ory Cloud can help you with your specific use case. Schedule a conversation here

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