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Planet-scale identity infrastructure at down-to-earth costs.

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Fully managed identities, authentication and authorization on the Ory Network. Fair pay-as-you-go pricing and the option to scale.

  • Including:
  • 1,000 Daily Active Users
  • State-of-the-art authentication and authorization for sites, apps and machine-to-machine
  • Secure and flexible identity management with GDPR-compliant storage
  • Fully customizable user experience
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The full power of the Ory Network to secure multiple applications and sites at a global scale.

  • Everything from Essentials, plus
  • 20,000 Daily Active Users
  • Single-Sign-On across 5 sites/domains
  • Multi-tenancy for B2B apps
  • 30M Permission checks and and 1M machine-to-machine tokens included
  • Guided concierge onboarding available


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Everything from our Scale Tier plus enterprise-grade features for your unique requirements. Custom contracts and enterprise grade support and onboarding.

  • Everything from Scale, plus
  • Unlimited SSO Domains
  • Custom Volume Pricing
  • Multi-Region Deployments
  • Dedicated Support
  • Flexible Billing Options

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Try out the Ory Network and get your proof of concept up and running in no time. You can run your test and integration systems.

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Ory for Non-Profit Orgs

Building for social and environmental good? Ory’s NPO program helps you expand your impact, not your cost base.

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Try out the Ory Network and get your proof of concept up and running in no time. You can run your test and integration systems.

Ory Network Features
Production Use
Concierge Onboarding
B2B Multi-Tenancy
Data Region
Availibility SLA
Activity and Metrics
Event Lists
Event Retention Range
24 hours
Login & Authentication
Daily Active Users
Additional DAUs
Custom Cookie Domain
Multi-Site / Multi-Login
Sign up, Login, Verification and recovery flows
Passwordless & Passkeys
Multi-factor Authentication
Social Sign In
Fully Customizable Frontend
Prebuilt Account Experience
Enterprise SSO
User & credentials import
OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
App login with OAuth2/OpenID Connect
M2M Authorization
Included M2M Tokens
1,000 / month
Additional M2M Tokens
JWT Support
Sigining Key Rotation
Refresh Token Rotation
Relationship-based fine grained permissions
Rules and Roles with Ory Permission Language
Included Permission checks
10,000 / month
Additional Permission checks
Issue tracker
Private Slack Channel
Migration Support
24/7 Enterprise Support

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With our professional services packages, we offer tailored services to optimize your investment in our products. From design and deployment to ongoing maintenance and improvement, our team helps you avoid pitfalls, reduce risks, and quickly ramp up on the Ory stack.

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