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Data Protection Builds Trust

01Privacy by design

Respect the user

Customer expectations and regulatory scrutiny for data protection have never been higher. Achieve compliance through Ory’s GDPR-ready solutions offering data locality, user control and highest security standards.

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Comply with Regulation

Legislation and compliance standards like GDRP, CCPA, SOC2 and ISO 27001 unlocks business with customers in regulated industries. And avoids fines.

Adopt a Security Mindset

Ory’s privacy- and security-focused approach helps you build secure and compliant products from the ground up. Offer best-in-class secure login and guard the data your customers entrust you with. Your customers will demand no less.

02Effortless compliance

GDPR compliance

Privacy minded

The Ory Network is designed with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in mind (article 25 of EU GDPR).

Data protection

We make it easy for our customers to respect the rights of data subjects like the right to be forgotten, the right to access and the right to data portability as covered in chapter 3 of EU GDPR.

EU based servers

Ory Network infrastructure and the organization are enabled to meet the requirements of the EU GDPR.

03Compliance standards

The compliance standards enterprises (and startups) expect

Keeping up with the latest compliance regulations is essential for all businesses. With Ory, you can rest assured that all necessary measures are in place to keep your company compliant and secure.

ISO 27001

Ory is ISO 27001 certified. We take information security seriously. We protect our customers with the appropriate safeguards and controls required by ISO27001 to protect sensitive data.


Ory is SOC 2 Type II certified. We're committed to protecting customer data and conducting a rigorous audit process to verify that all security controls are in place. So when we say identity data is safe with Ory, you know we mean it.

Open ID Connect certified

OIDC Connect compliant implementation. We’ve undergone a thorough review process of all relevant standards, so you can be confident that sensitive data is handled in a secure and compliant manner.


Hear from our customers

Bill Monkman - Chief Architect, Commit

"Ory made it simple to add stable, secure user management and access control to our systems. No more reinventing the wheel!"

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