Ory CLI Infrastructure as code tool

Automate your tasks, manage your projects, and interact with the Ory Network seamlessly using our Ory CLI.

Examples of task configuration and automation using Ory CLI

Automations made easy

Create Automation

Automate and manage your projects through our CLI. Use it to automate GitHub actions, manage control and access to Git files, track changes, and much more.


Fast and simple use of CLI

Set and ready in just 6 steps.

Install the Ory CLI

Install the Ory CLI on your machine, or run the tool on Docker. Refer to the Installtion guide to install CLI on your device.

Create a Project

After installing the CLI, run it on your local machine and create a project using the ID and password you use for Ory Console.

Export Project Configuration

If you already have a project in the Cloud, export it with Json or Yaml commands in the CLI.

See the Changes Made

Upload your project on GitHub. You can also track changes for who made them and when.

Enable Passwordless with CLI on Your Project

Once up and running, you can enable or disable Passwordless or Multi Factor Authentication on your project.

Process a file with commands

Use CLIs simplified commands to process a file or a project until you know you're done.

Install Ory CLI

Run it anywhere

Manage and configure your Ory Network Projects and self-hosted projects hassle-free. Install it on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Docker.

Get all the commands with ‘ory help’

This command prints out all the commands with brief descriptions. Use it to get more information about available commands, flags, and modifiers.

Configure your projects flexibly

Each Ory component uses the same configuration format and APIs, where you get the flexibility to change the configuration per property or all of it at the same time.

Update the Ory Network Config with a bit of code

Update your project configuration on Ory Network just by supporting GitOps. No more copy-pasting the config or manual changes to the UI.

Leverage the Interoperable open source and Cloud integration

Migrate any Ory open source configuration using the CLI. Transfer your Ory open source solutions to the Cloud without losing your infrastructure details and vice versa.

Set up and adjust your Ory Network Identity Service

Work on configuration and test different settings of your development environment.

Power up your stack

Explore Ory and the future of identity. Breeze through technical concepts, level up with our tutorials or master our extensive API reference.

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