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Case Study

Anaconda Case Study

Anaconda is the world's most popular data science platform and at the forefront of deploying Python solutions in the data science ecosystem. With a user base exceeding 35 million users worldwide, Anaconda offers a suite of tools and solutions such as the Conda package and environment manager, Anaconda Cloud, and several web-based and on-premise products aimed at machine learning model development, deployment, and secure software supply chain management.

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The challenge

Anaconda's expansive ecosystem comprising a wide range of projects and services needed a unified authentication system to streamline user access, reduce developer workload, and enhance security across its offerings. They also needed to support enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to provide business-tier users with secure and efficient access management. The primary challenges included integrating a scalable IAM system without disrupting existing user workflows and ensuring compliance with legal, privacy, and GDPR requirements during the migration process.

The solution

Anaconda opted for Ory as their IAM provider, drawn to its developer community, open-source nature, and flexibility. The Ory Network provided a seamless, extensible platform that addressed all the complex requirements the new solution needed, including the crucial need for scalability and security. The Ory team closely collaborated with Anaconda throughout the initial migration phase, promptly addressing feedback. The migration process to Ory began with an initial pilot phase, where Anaconda migrated the user base of PyScript. This allowed them to fine-tune user experience (UX) adjustments and refine their overall migration strategy. Following the pilot, they implemented a staged migration approach, starting with internal users and a small group of external users before proceeding to a full migration. In addition, Anaconda leveraged Ory to integrate enterprise SSO features for business-tier users who require access to secured packages and policies.

The results

The migration to Ory was smooth, with minimal disruptions to user experience. Anaconda successfully externalized its IAM solution, allowing for seamless integration across its product suite without changing the internal IAM structure. The introduction of enterprise SSO capabilities was particularly well-received, providing enterprise users with enhanced security and access management at no additional cost. The migration process adhered to GDPR guidelines, ensuring data privacy and user control over personal information. Anaconda was able to provide enhanced security and access management while reducing developer workload and setting up their infrastructure team for long-term success.

The conclusion

Anaconda's transition to a unified authentication system with Ory represents a significant step forward in enhancing the security and efficiency of its software supply chain. By adopting an IAM solution based on open-source principles, Anaconda has streamlined identity and access management across its diverse product range while reinforcing its commitment to long-term sustainability. The successful migration shows the importance of strategic planning, clear communication with users, and having a trusted partner in Ory, which has proven to be reliable. Anaconda's experience highlights the potential for other organizations to modernize their IAM infrastructure, balancing costs while ensuring a secure and user-friendly environment for their customers. Selecting a trusted partner in addressing complex identity and access management challenges is crucial and Ory is here to help.

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