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The recent Ory Summit in Germany brought together a diverse audience of leading engineers, security experts, and thought leaders to delve into the future of Ory. The discussions from business experts focused on first-party data, privacy, application authorization, identity management, authentication, and end-to-end security based on zero-trust principles.

Ory Summit 2023 covered themes like leveraging Ory Network for application security, third-party integrations, enhancing software team productivity, and talks on authorization, authentication, open source, compliance, and security.

Keynote: The Future of Software by Dr. William Raduchel

Dr. William Raduchel, with over 60 years of experience, explored the theme of "trust" in today's software-dominated landscape. The session delved into the interplay between trust, software, and identity, crucial elements shaping the digital landscape.

Ory Network by Aeneas Rekkas and Klaus Herrmann

Aeneas Rekkas, Ory's Founder & CTO, and Klaus Herrmann, Head of Product, unveiled Ory Network as the fastest, most secure infrastructure for modern end-to-end security. They outlined key features and the role of Ory in the New Identity Stack.

How Ory Network Prevents Fraud by Patrik Neu and Alano Terblanche

Ory engineers Patrik Neu and Alano Terblanche presented a non-technical overview of Ory Network's role in fraud prevention. They highlighted Ory's commitment to open standards and its strategic advantage in the market.

Identity + AI = Intelligent Applications by Travis James

Travis James, CTO at Tribe Health Solutions, demonstrated the integration of AI with identity in mental healthcare and wellness applications.

Passwordless Earth by Jonas Hungershausen and Tucker MacLean

Jonas Hungershausen, Ory Software Engineer, and Tucker MacLean explored Ory's vision for a passwordless future. The session showcased the practical implementation of passkeys and Ory's strategic direction for secure authentication.

Operating the Ory Network by Andreas Bucksteeg

Andreas Bucksteeg, Head of Engineering at Ory, provided insights into the challenges faced by Ory Network, from DDoS attacks to hacking attempts, offering a glimpse into a typical day in its operation.

How to Move Your RBAC into Ory by HC Hagen

HC Hagen, Tech Lead at Ignite Procurement AS, shared insights on migrating from an old system to Ory. The session covered challenges, solutions, and the reasons behind the switch.

Anaconda Unified Authentication with Ory by Oleksandr Vasylenko

Oleksandr Vasylenko, Principal Software Engineer at Anaconda, shared their journey from in-house IAM to Ory Cloud. The talk highlighted the successful integration of multiple applications through unified authentication.

Our Journey from Azure B2C to Ory Network by Daniel Francesconi and David Mair Spiess

Daniel Francesconi, Tech Lead, and David Mair Spiess, Head of Development at HGV, discussed HGV's transition from Azure B2C to Ory Network for an improved single sign-on experience.

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