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20 October 2022


Centralized Authentication with Apache APISIX and Ory

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We know that an API gateway offers a central control point for incoming traffic to a variety of destinations. Also, the API gateway can be typically where we do all of the interactions with IDP (Identity provider) for those upstream services. it alone interacts with the identity provider such as Ory, it only has to know how to deal with the authentication logic flows and by avoiding the need to repeat the development of authentication code for each application. We are going to talk about the use-cases and benefits of centralized authentication with Apache APISIX API Gateway and we will cover how to utilize Apache APISIX OpenID Connect Plugin for Ory as the identity provider to get the most benefit from both ecosystems.

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Bobur Umurzokov
Bobur Umurzokov

Developer Advocate at Apache

Bobur is a technology evangelist and developer advocate. He was contributing mainly to the world's most active open-source projects of the biggest Apache Software Foundation which connects the world and hundreds of enterprise users worldwide and has been working as a Software Engineering Trainer for several years. Bobur also has more than 8 years of experience as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. Nowadays, his focus areas are Cloud-Native Apps and Azure Cloud services.

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