AMOREVINO increased ecommerce conversion rates with the Ory Network

The Ory Network helps AMOREVINO share new and interesting wines with more people by streamlining account creation and access.

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AMOREVINO converts more new and existing customers with the Ory Network


> conversion for returning customers thanks to passwordless authentication


> first session registrations with the help of social sign ups


> accounts storing a payment method thanks to more trust due to multi factor authentication

Build secure registration and sign in

Learn how AMOREVINO uses Ory’s API to register and log in new accounts

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Improve the user experience with social sign in

Increase new account conversion rates by adding sign in from popular social applications with Ory

Customize identity schemas

Add traits and attributes to user identities - so you can customize user experiences for any use case

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We enjoy using Ory because of the simplicity to integrate thanks to its modularity, its active and vocal developer base, and the extent and ease by which Ory tools can be configured.

Sofia di Pace

Software Engineer at AMOREVINO

Sofia di Pace

Verify emails for better email deliverability

Enable email verification in Ory to improve email deliverability and ensure accurate contact information

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Protect accounts against takeovers

See how a two-click setup of privileged sessions can increase accountability while preventing account misuse by non-legitimate users

Add trusted access to ecommerce sites with the Ory Network

Ecommerce companies trust the Ory Network for secure, scalable, and flexible access management. Start a free trial today and see how reducing account-related friction can improve conversion rates.

Increase conversion rates

Reduce account related friction

Get to market faster with fewer development costs

Flexible, eCommerce friendly features

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