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AMOREVINO increased ecommerce conversion rates with the Ory Network

The Ory Network helps AMOREVINO build a social ecommerce platform for wineries and consumers by streamlining account creation and access.

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Ory delivers results


% increase in conversion for returning customers thanks to passwordless authentication


% increase in first session registrations with the help of social sign ups


% increase in accounts storing a payment method thanks to more trust due to multifactor authentication

Persistent identity with auth as a service

Learn how AMOREVINO uses Ory’s API for authentication across multiple platforms and services.

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Increased first session sign up rates by 18%

This is how AMOREVINO was able to increase their first session sign up rates by using social sign ins and the Ory Network.

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Stronger user trust trough multi factor authentication

By integrating multi factor into their authentication strategy, AMOREVINO was able to build user trust and increase their fully qualified user accounts storing payment data by 7%.

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Sofia di Pace - Software Engineer, AMOREVINO

"After implementing Ory, our conversion rates increased and we were able to increase the number of customers storing their payment information with us. This meant that we could get new wines out to more new and existing customers faster than ever before!"

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Identity models tailored to business logic

AMOREVINO was able to decrease their engineering investment and go to market by fully customizing Ory identity models to their business needs.

amorevino identity models

12% higher conversion rates for returning customers

The Ory Network and passwordless authentication helped AMOREVINO improve their ecommerce conversion rates.

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The AMOREVINO customer story at Ory summit 22

Watch AMOREVINO talk about building "Delightful auth experiences" at the Ory summit 22.

amorevino passwordless case study
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