We built login and account management, so you don’t have to.

Sign-up and log-in are every businesses’ front door. It’s where you convert users to customers and start to build a trusted relationship. What used to be as simple as adding a form with username and password to your website has become a difficult effort in recent years:

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  • 🤬 Customers hate passwords, and rightly so! Billions of passwords are leaked each year, putting accounts at risk. And nobody likes remembering new passwords. Only power users adopt password managers effectively, and even they don’t exactly love it.
  • 🔑 Passkeys are coming. The industry is rallying around a common approach for secure, passwordless login using cloud-synchronized biometric credentials like Face- and Fingerprint recognition (a real “finally”!). Apple, Google and Microsoft are backing what will become a magically simple experience. Starting in 2023, passkeys will take over the customer login, and any site and app not offering it will suddenly look dated.
  • 🤷‍♀️ Social sign-in is still necessary, but falling out of favor. What started with Facebook and Google social sign-in turned into a choice of dozens of login providers. As a result, customers often can’t remember what account they used on what site, leading to more confusion than benefit. Trust in the big social platforms is at an all-time low, while developers are playing catch-up with new trends.
  • 🔒 Multi-factor authentication has become the norm for any system involving sensitive personal and business data. It’s the only way to meaningfully protect against account takeovers. But at the same time, poor implementations still pose security risks, and users hate the additional effort needed to get into their accounts. Maximum choice of authentication methods and elegant UIs are paramount to drive adoption without repelling customers.

And that’s how building a great user experience for sign-up, login, account recovery and credentials management has turned into a significant endeavour. And that’s why we built it for you!

🚀 The new Ory Elements are pre-built components for all these crucial account interactions. Style them in your flavour and drop into your front end. They’re non-invasive, modular and fully wired up against the Ory Network. With this fully open source library you can create a pixel-perfect, on-brand experience that takes the pain of login away for your customers.

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Ory Elements work with React, Next, Express, vanilla HTML, and more. Integrate elegant auth flows perfectly into your customer experience in minutes.

➡️ Try the example apps on GitHub at ory/elements - give us a star if you like it 🤩

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