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At Ory, we offer a range of services to help our customers optimize their investments in our products. Our professional services team provides tailored offerings that cover everything from designing, deploying, and implementing solutions to ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Our services are designed to help you avoid common pitfalls, reduce risk by following proven best practices and ramp up your team on the Ory stack quickly. Whether you're just getting started or need help with a specific project, our team has the expertise and experience to help.

To learn more about our services, please get in touch with your Ory Account Representative. We'll work with you to identify the right package for your needs and ensure that you get the support you need to succeed.

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Architecture Discovery Workshop
Services, including
  • Architectural Discovery
  • Scenario Guidance
Duration1 day
TypeRemote / on-site
Migration Support
Services, including
  • Migration Planning
  • Data Migration
  • Application/Integration Migration
  • Technical Support
  • Post-Migration Assistance
Duration1 day
TypeRemote / on-site
Architectural and Implementation Guidance
Services, including
  • Architectural Discovery
  • Scenario Guidance
  • Programming Advisory
  • Deployment Preparation
  • Training
  • Limited Custom Implementation
Duration12 days
TypeRemote / on-site
Custom Implementation and Integration
Services, including
  • Requirements and Landscape Analysis
  • Feature, Integration and UI Development Advisory
  • Integration Guidance
  • Hands-on Implementation Support
Duration15 days+
Implementation & System Health Review
Services, including
  • Implementation and system health review
  • Optimization Insights
Duration3 days
TypeRemote / on-site
Product Discovery Workshop
Services, including
  • Product Discovery with an Ory engineer
Duration1 day
TypeRemote / on-site

Architecture Discovery Workshop Package

The Ory Architecture Discovery Workshop supports organizations during their design and scoping phase, seeking to kickstart their implementation of identity management, authentication, access authorization and first party user profile collection using Ory Network.

Ory consultants and engineers will conduct a comprehensive workshop to analyze the Customer's needs and environment, document its findings, and equip the Customer with guidance on how to commence their Ory Network implementation project.

Migration Support Package

The Ory Migration Support package provides a comprehensive set of services to guide, consult and support organizations through the migration process, ensuring a successful transition with minimal disruptions and maximum value.

Ory consultants and engineers will provide assistance and guidance to organizations during the process of transitioning their data, systems or applications from their legacy identity and auth platform to Ory. This package aims to streamline the migration process, minimize disruptions, and ensure a smooth transition.

Supported migration scenarios include:
  • Identity/User data mapping & migration
  • OAuth2 application and user consent migration
  • Switch over from another Identity/auth provider to Ory Network
  • Migration from Ory self-hosted to Ory Network
  • Migration guidance for customer systems connected to IDM and auth
  • Launch monitoring

Architectural and Implementation Guidance

The Architectural and Implementation Guidance package aims to offer customers a cost-effective, accelerated path to designing, implementing, and leveraging the Ory Network in their environment within a short timeframe. It includes flexible services from architecture discovery to training and deployment and migration support.

Custom Implementation and Integration Package

The Custom Implementation and Integration package is intended to assist customers through support in designing, constructing, testing, and deploying customized functionality and integrations to match their bespoke requirements.

Implementation and System Health Review

Ory's Implementation and system health review is a specialized offering designed to provide our customers with an assessment of their Ory implementation. Our team will evaluate the design and implementation of the platform in your environment, providing you with recommendations and insights to help optimize its usage and performance.

We recommend that this package is purchased annually to ensure that your Ory environment remains optimized for usage and performance. By regularly assessing and improving your implementation, you can ensure that you're getting the most out of your investment in Ory products. To learn more about our Implementation HealthCheck Services offering, please contact your Ory Account Representative.

Product Discovery Workshop

The Ory product discovery workshop is a collaborative session with Ory product engineers, to explore the features, functionalities, and overall direction of the product. The goal it to facilitate a shared understanding, anticipate critical business challenges, find the right solution, assess the scope of the project or cooperation and define the metrics for success.

Finally, an auth solution built for growing companies.

Ory has the secure, modern auth features you expect from your auth solution. Plus everything you'll need to go from beautiful login forms to complex auth scenarios.

Global edge network

Ory's global edge network and distributed infrastructure guarantee resilient, reliable, and fast access for users and services alike.


Ory’s modular architecture gives you the optionality to add various aspects of auth over time. Start with authentication, then add access control, zero-trust, or fine-grained permissions.


Ory’s modular architecture and high availability, low latency design make it the ideal identity system for any project - large or small.

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