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The Ory Developer Conference

28-29 October 2021


Bootstrap a Scalable, Production-ready SaaS Application with Zero Using Ory Kratos & Ory Oathkeeper

Learn how to create and deploy a complete SaaS application: how self service flows and authentication flows are implemented using Ory Kratos and Ory Oathkeeper, and what components are involved.

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Bill Monkman
Bill Monkman

Chief Architect at Commit

Bill has been writing code professionally for about 20 years, mostly working on SaaS projects. He specializes in back-end code, distributed systems, and devops. He was Senior Staff Developer at Hootsuite, joining as one of the first developers and helping to grow the team and product for over 8 years. Recently he is Chief Architect at Commit - a remote-first developer community for startup engineers.

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