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The Ory Developer Conference

28-29 October 2021


Customizing Ory Keto with Global-scale Custom Data Sharing Requirements

Working with open source software opens up a whole new dimension of flexibility. Join Manraj for a deep code dive into customizations to Ory Keto and Ory Oathkeeper.

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Ashley Manraj
Ashley Manraj

CTO at Pvotal

Ashley Manraj is spearheading the technology and development methodology at Pvotal Technologies centered around event driven go gRPC microservices in the backend. In the front-end, we are leveraging Flutter cross-platform using the BloC pattern to interact with our backends in gRPC and gRPC-web. Everything orchestrated as code in GKE leveraging Ory Oathkeeper, Ory Keto, Concourse, Argo Suite.

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