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28-29 October 2021


Kavach - A private identity service built on Ory

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Deploying and developing a custom IAM stack is often a hard task. Factly takes us on the journey of how they built Kavach from scratch- an identity solution for an ecosystem of applications - using Ory Open Source.

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Sashi Deshetti
Sashi Deshetti

CTO at Factly

Shashi Deshetti is CTO and co-founder of Factly, one of India’s earliest fact-checking organizations, and is dedicated to making public data meaningful to the common man through various ways including data journalism. Through Factly Labs, Shashi and the team are working on various open-source solutions focused on journalism and research. Shashi is a technology leader with over 16 years of expertise in data science, machine learning, data engineering, conversational AI, DevOps, and enterprise architecture. He is a life-long advocate of open data and open-source tools. Shashi has worked with numerous multinational companies to implement state-of-the-art business processes, including PWC, Walmart, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, and more.

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