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28-29 October 2021


Keynote - Ory Network Technical Direction

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Ory has a vision for the future: building a global, multi-cloud architecture set-up of Ory Cloud that uses different cloud providers. Andreas Bucksteeg will discuss this vision and questions such as: “How can we deploy and manage these services using GitHub principles?” and “How do we route traffic globally through the different clusters?”

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Andreas Bucksteeg
Andreas Bucksteeg

Head of Engineering at Ory

While studying at TU Munich in 1997, Andreas co-founded hybris Software with friends, and developed one of the leading eCommerce solutions at the time. When SAP acquired hybris in 2013, he took the role of VP of Technology and focused on building Cloud Native solutions. This evolved into Kyma and Luigi, two open source projects that are foundational to the SAP Cloud Platform. After leaving SAP in early 2020 Andreas now focuses on helping companies on their journey to the Cloud. At Ory he is now one of the leading architects of the Ory Network Architecture.

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