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28-29 October 2021


Empowering No-code Application Development Lifecycle Using Ory

An open ecosystem for identity infrastructure supports not only business but also enables non-profit and educational projects to benefit from secure and hardened IAM. In this session, Jakob Sinclair from the Swedish Pirate Party is going to tell his story as Ory Hydra & Kratos user, open-source contributor, and proponent of free and open software.

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David Alexandre
David Alexandre

CTO at Wildcard

David Alexandre is co-founder and technical director at Wildcard (w6d.io), a hassle-free no-code platform that allows developers to easily deliver cloud-native apps by automating the definition of their integration and continuous deployment process. Alexandre has a Bachelor’s in IT and MBA in Entrepreneurship from EPITECH, one of Europe’s leading institutions of higher education in computer science.

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