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The Ory Developer Conference

20 October 2022


Introducing the Ory Network

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Let us introduce you to the Ory Network: The fastest, most secure and worry-free way to use Ory Services, and spotlight how we keep making end-to-end security easier for modern software teams.

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Aeneas Rekkas
Aeneas Rekkas

Founder & CTO at Ory

Aeneas Rekkas is a founder and board member at Ory, where he plays a key leadership role in building the New Identity Stack for the 2020 decade alongside a team of exceptional developers. Earlier in his career, he co-founded Serlo Education e.V., a German non-profit NGO best described as a Wikipedia for educational resources. He is passionate about designing and architecting visionary open source and cloud software solutions. Also known as "hackerman", Aeneas maintains a lively presence in the open source realms of Github.

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