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20 October 2022


Running Ory Kratos on a 30M users platform

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This presentation will include lessons we learned and tools we used to migrate our user database on Fandom to Ory Kratos without disrupting users. We will show how we included custom business logic into Kratos flows and how we integrated it with our Mediawiki stack and services.

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Łukasz Harasimowicz
Łukasz Harasimowicz

Software Engineer at Fandom

Łukasz has been a Software Engineer at Fandom since 2015. He is a proud member of the Platform Team whose goal is to empower other teams to build great products. One of the very first projects he was working on was to help improve Fandom's custom auth service written in Golang. Over the years his team was responsible for maintaining Fandom's authentication service to meet the demands of the growing number of internal services as well as constant influx of users to Fandom.

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